notes on strokes

When Your Care Giver Stops Caring

March 17, 2016

For the past three years, my recovery has been the focus of health in our house.  Then two months ago, it was essential that my wife have knee replacement surgery.  suddenly our roles were reversed.  I became her care-giver and support system, even though I was not fully up to the challenge.  she had been my champion, companion, and advocate for three years and it was my pleasure to do the same for her but since my capabilities were seriously compromised,  there were many things I could not do for her....and this made me feel terrible and guilty.  I felt helpless and hopeless and this made me angry and unpleasant which only made matters worse.  What I have to remind myself is that I am doing everything I can for her despite the fact that my abilities have been compromised and doing all I could I discovered that I was capable of far more than I thought I was.