notes on strokes

post-stroke me: New and Improved or Just the New Normal

September 22, 2015


After my stroke.  I was no longer the person I was before. There was a new me.

But was I new and improved or had I just reached a new normal, A lesser me?

I think the answer to this important question will arrive over time,

As I continue to work on my physical and cognitive skills the  I believe the new me will reveal himself.

 While my stroke was debilitating it's clear that although some of my abilities have been impaired I have grown and improved in certain other areas of my life. Unfortunately, it is hard for me to see these areas.  

However, I do know that Ineed to recognize the positives changes in myself from this terrible event,

Because even though they are difficult  for me to see, they do exist.


Recently, and very slowly I am beginning to understand that it really Doesn’t matter if my post stroke self

is new and improvedor bigger and better.  What really matters is that the post-stroke me

Is still me.  I am essentially the same person I was before my strokes.  I can still talk and laugh with my friends and

I still enjoy and find pleasure in those things that made me happy before the strokes


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