notes on strokes

podcast 5 when recovery slows down

April 5, 2016

I am three years post stroke

and all the therapists toldme that over time my recovery would slow down.

 They weren’t trying to be negative, they just wanted me to understand the ups and downs of the recovery process so I would not get disappointed.

 In the early days it seemed like I made advances everyday(of course At that time, I could barely sit up or swallow so every small step seemed like a major achievement, and it was.) and they were working with me many hours a day in the acute rehab center. 

In the past three years I have done a number of things that I thought were no longer possible—like getting back onstage  even getting back in the saddle and riding my horse. 

In fact, in some ways.  I think I was seduced into complacency by my own successes and stopped pushing myself. When I have failed at accomplishing something, I get frustrated and work harder

But succeeding is a little trickier to overcome because I have done what I set out to do so why work harder.  But the other day  I realized that,  I was no longer moving forward or doing new or more difficult things,

And this made me feel bad like I have plateaued and am now stuck where I am in my recovery.

 But I know there is more I want to do.  And more Ican do.

Additionally, my therapy has run out and I am now left to my own devices, without a therapist to push me or guide me

 So the Question is: how Do I reinvigorate and re-motivate myself to keep moving forward?

 This is my own problem and I need to find the solution.

 I know that to move forward I must set up new tasks and goals for myself. And I need to set up a daily schedule of things I want to accomplish and stick to it.  Only in this way can I move forward and continue to improve .  if you are inNorthern California please join us on May 20 when I will be performing my show “APiece Of My Mind for the Pacific Stroke Association’s annual stroke conference in Mountainview CA.  for information goto: