notes on strokes


October 11, 2016

Early in my stroke recovery, I thought I had disappeared and that the person I had been was gone forever. I thought that the future I had imagined for myself was an impossible dream that was gone with the person I had been.


I am now three years post-stroke and I now believe that I am still the person I was before my stroke perhaps an even more complete version of myself.  I have become much stronger and a more empathetic person than I was before my stroke. I may not be able to run or ride my bicycle—


But I still enjoy the people and things I enjoyed before my stroke.  I am lucky I can still read and write and speak.  I try to judge who I am by what I am capable of rather than what I still can’t do.


And I encourage you to see that despite the challenges  you now face, you are still the same essential you, you were before your stroke or TBI. There may be new flaws and limitations—but regardless of our health we All have flaws, that’s part of being human.


My name is Eric Barr and I hope you will join me next month for more notes on strokes.  Until then, keep moving and enjoying each day.